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I've been a long time fan of Brooklyn-based photographer Jennifer Causey and enjoy watching her portfolio expand as her work evolves. The artful styling that she does to capture a moment so beautifully is impressive but then the way she uses her camera to embrace that mood and pass it on to others is pure poetry in motion.

Picture 39


These arrangements of everyday things, from breakfast to a cone of ice cream, are captured in a way that give one an emotional response don't you think? They also make us stop and notice such day-to-day things — eating, drinking, the way a book looks on a table…. And we can start to appreciate these moments more and also begin to develop our own eye so that we begin to see the beauty around us because really, inspiration is everywhere!

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I appreciate how Jennifer highlights simple pleasures — the way a basket of plump blueberries look in a brown paper crate, how a coffee cup and simple slice of toast with fresh homemade jam can make the mouth water, or a drippy cone of vanilla ice cream on a hot summer's day. These everyday things can so often escape our notice but any follower of Jennifer's work knows that they do not escape her eye which is why so many look to her for inspiration. She teaches so many to pause, to notice, to develop their own eye for the everyday "mundane" things that can often be the most beautiful moments yet are often lost in the hustle bustle of everyday living.




If you'd like to purchase some of the photographs that you see here, you may visit Jennifer's etsy shop, Simply Photo, where she sells them.

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(images: jennifer causey)