The Easiest Invites Ever

Sending invitations just got a whole lot easier. Thanks to the iPhone App POST by Gadabout, impromptu parties and last-minute plans can still come together in style. Hanna Brooks Nation has designed dozens of adorable backgrounds upon which you can type personalized notes, then send to friends right from your phone via text or email. Because, let’s face it, not every occasion necessitates a trip to the post office…

Picture 57

I downloaded POST to my iPhone recently, and can’t get enough. I created an invite for my Fiance’s bday (a casual gathering that came together on short notice), texted it to the invited group, and got instant responses. 


I also used it to send a reminder the day of the party to those who were coming…


Why not upgrade a simple text message into a cute personalized note? I’m not suggesting you do this with every mundane text, but in certain circumstances it’s just the touch of whimsy that makes your recipient smile…


What do you think? So cute and easy it makes you want to throw a party, right?