Have You Ever Painted Your Home’s Exterior?

I know what you’re thinking–I’m an apartment dweller, what do I know about painting the outside of a house. But I will actually be traveling home next week, for a little working vacation to help my dad paint the house I grew up in, and where my parents still live. This will be the second time I’ve helped paint the house, but I’m guessing I’ll be more useful this time since I’m an adult. 


My dad is an amazingly handy guy, he knows how to make and fix all kinds of things (maybe that’s where I get my D.I.Y. streak), so he pretty much has all the supplies for painting the house and will be instructing me in the proper painting technique. But, I wanted to crowd-source a little bit and see if you had any tips or tricks to share in regards to painting?

Do you have any tips for painting or keeping cool while painting outside? Have you made any mistakes that I can learn from? 

(Don’t worry, we won’t be painting the house with such bright colors, but that was one of my conditions for helping–I got to pick the color. So we will be using a lovely shade of light grey.)

(image from Puroticorico on Flickr)