Vintage Cocktails

With mixology being all the rage these days, apparently we’ve entered a “new golden age of the vintage cocktail” – at least according to Brian Van Flandern, head mixologist for Bemelmans bar at The Carlyle in New York. He has collaborated with photographer Laziz Hamani and Assouline Publishing to create a gorgeous cocktail table book that is, in fact, all about the cocktail. How perfect. 

Picture 54

I received the very sexy looking Vintage Cocktails as a birthday gift from my thoughtful mother, and I can’t put it down. Bound like a sturdy notebook, with the recipes in type that looks like it’s been scrawled on the chalkboard at your local watering hole (so cool), the book is certainly fun to flip through. Even better, the mouth-watering concoctions are backlit and photographed to perfection, making the reader instantly thirsty. Last night we shook up the delicious French Martinis, and they went down rather quickly. I’m contemplating working my way through the book Julie and Julia style. What do you think? 

I highly recommend this book as a gift to anyone who loves a good cocktail!