This Made My Afternoon: Squibnocket Cards Available Online

I was catching up on my blog reading over lunch today and I came across a post on Shelterrific about Squibnocket Cards. The bloggers over there have finally unearthed an online retailer for these hilarious and quirky cards written and designed by Lane Walker Foard.

I’ve only come across these cards in person in one store in the town of Lawrence, Kansas back when I was in high school. And I’ve kept an eye out for them in stationery stores and online ever since. I actually have a stockpile of them that I never planned on sending because I just couldn’t give them up. That might change now that I have an online source for them.

So now that I’ve gushed about how great these cards are, here are some examples (I know they are hard to read, so the text of each is below the image):



“In accordance with long-standing tradition your birthday comes packaged
with one wish. And while you might feel compelled to wish for, say,
world peace and everlasting harmony, there are other possibilities:
such as supreme authority over movie theater arm rests. Or all the
great funk classics on only one disc. Or near invincibility at family
reunion leg wrestling. Or hey, even a sudden and unexplained ability to
break dance really, really well.”


“The day you said yes was not the day he got on a knee and asked you.
It was not the day you determined what side of the bed was yours. And
it was not the day you decided you were perfectly okay with the
troubling fact that he dances like a six-year-old trying to step on the
head of his shadow. No, the day you honestly, truly said yes was the
day you put his name down in the “Who to Notify in Case of Emergency”


“There are repercussions, serious repercussions to marriage. Among
those, the reality of an anniversary. And while I completely loved you
the day we married, there does not exist a mathematical equation to
measure my current adoration of you. So today, from the vantage point
of passed time, I proclaim that you are now even more extraordinary,
intoxicating, and habit-forming than the day you said yes. And as such,
my basic needs remain: food, clothing, shelter, you.”


“In one hour I can make 20 3-minute eggs. I’m an honest tax payer and a
responsible consumer. I’ve got ketchup packets in my glove compartment,
and I have to jiggle the handle to make the toilet stop running. By all
this I just mean to say that I’m a reasonably normal person with a
reasonably normal life. That is, except for the increasingly obvious
fact that I have a raging crush on you.”

This last one is my all time favorite. It has actually been hanging in my office since I started at Real Simple.

The cards are available at Arcadia for $3.95. Click on each image to see the cards, or here to see all of the Squibnocket Cards.

If you’re like me, and you can’t get enough of Foard’s humor, check out his book of love notes and new parent apology cards.

Do you have a favorite thing like this that never fails to make you smile?