Krista Keltanen Photography

June 7, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

I just arrived home from Copenhagen where I spent a week and from there I traveled around Denmark and also over to Sweden by ferry which was absolutely beautiful. Being in Scandinavia for a week was such an inspiration to me and I came home with loads of decorating ideas! If you ever have a chance to travel to Denmark I highly recommend it. You will come home refreshed and inspired for sure!


When Finnish photographer Krista Keltanen connected with me on Facebook this morning and I saw her photographs for the first time, and noticed she was from Helsinki (Finland is often considered part of Scandinavia, I knew why I had such a strong attraction to them as the things I saw while traveling made a huge impact on me and how I view design. I also like the objects and places that she photographs as well as her very sweet, feminine style.






Her photos feel very Nordic to me and I love how natural they are but also the lighting — it’s soft and so pretty. Krista sells her work in her etsy shop in case you would like to own one for your home or office — they would also make a beautiful gift because she sells her photographs as prints and also greeting cards.

Have a lovely Monday…

(images: krista keltanen)