Wedding Shoes Survey: High Heels vs. Flats

Item number 172 on the Wedding Planning To Do List: find a special pair of shoes for the big day! The dilemma I’m currently struggling with: heels vs. flats. I know, I know – pretty minor issue in the grand scheme of life, but my fellow brides-to-be out there can probably empathize, and maybe you married gals can chime in with some helpful advice. 

Picture 17

Part of me wants to go with a pair of sensible flats – no one’s going to see the shoes anyways, and I’ll be comfortable dancing the night away. Another part of me wants to use this occasion as an excuse to splurge on a sexy pair of bright blue satin Louboutins that will look great in those “lift up the dress to peek at the shoes” photos. 

But I know myself well enough – after a few hours of fabulousness, the balls of my feet will ache, and I’ll kick off the heels so that I can keep dancing. I would have no qualms about doing a shoe-switch, but I’m told this is problematic since your dress is tailored to your shoes-on height. I certainly don’t want to be tripping over or dragging my gorgeous dress! 

What’s a bride to do? I’ve seen some great shoes out there on both ends of the height spectrum – super high or super flat – but not much in the middle. Have you found any great 1 or 2-inch heels? Please tell me about them! 

What type of shoes are you wearing (or did you wear) to your wedding? If you wore high heels – did you take them off at some point? Any advice?