Keep Your Music Close to Your Heart—Literally!

Long_bra_front_black_white File this under “Liz’s never-ending search for the best exercise gear for hand’s free music listening.” While there are great waistpacks, fannypacks, belts, armbands and wristbands for toting your iPod, your keys, or cash, the truth is that they, too, can chafe, bounce, or ride low/high on your torso. And they’re just more things to have to remember on your way out the door!

Enter the “Power Pouch” sports bra tank top from Gracie’s Gear (pictured at left). It has a zippered, just-the-right-size pocket right on the chest, where you can stash your cash, music, phone or keys. Or some combination of all of that, I found. The greatest things about this product are this: the material wicks the sweat away so that it doesn’t affect your MP3 player, there’s zero bounce (and I am picky about my sports bra support!), the styling of the tank is such that it doesn’t ride up on your torso, and frankly, it’s cute! Perfect for the warmer weather when you don't have the pockets that come with winter's vests, jackets, etc.

Extra points for the small slits through which you can thread your earphone cords, which eliminates the chance of you inadvertently catching your hands on the cords while in mid-stride, which can send your headphones and MP3 player flying!! The top comes in a short version (a traditional sports bra cut) as well as a slim-strapped version for yoga. The fabric also features Illuscent Max, a bacteria-inhibiting material that keeps odors at bay. What more could you want?

I recently put this top to the test on a three-day vacation in Florida. In an attempt to pack light, was the only top I brought, actually. It was nearly 90 degrees, and since I was in an unfamiliar place I definitely wanted to have my phone, keys, and cash on hand. The chest pocket fit it all perfectly, and the tank provided great coverage from the sun while keeping me relatively cool. (It dried quickly, too, so I could use it every day!) The long top sells for $42.