Pretty Place Cards from Timeless Paper

Place cards aren’t something you see everyday. I would venture a guess that most people only come across place cards at weddings or other more formal events, and even then they aren’t always a given. But I do love place cards.

I aspire to someday have enough people over for a dinner party so I can use name cards without feeling silly. And when I do have that dinner party, these are the place cards I will use.


Love Bird Place Cards by Timeless Paper, $37.50 for 25,

Aren’t those lovely? I like that they perch on the glass just so. There are several other shapes available if you’re not in to the birds:


Umbrella Place Cards by Timeless Paper, $37.50 for 25,


Rose Place Cards by Timeless Paper, $37.50 for 25,

Do you ever find occasion to use place cards or do you think they are antiquated? What do you think of these options?