Using Color as Your Design Theme

As those of you who read the magazine know, we launch a new column as part of our redesign—the Decorating with… series. So far, we've covered purple, red, blue, brown, green, yellow, and florals. I love the series, and I've used it as inspiration for decorating my kitchen.

I know for some people the kitchen is an after thought, but I thought it would be the perfect way to test out using a color as the whole design theme. What I mean is, instead of choosing mid-century modern or shabby chic, or vintage as the style of decor, I've selected a color and purchased accents in that color instead of a specific style.

Yellow is the color for my kitchen. I think it's so bright and cheery, and it makes me happy to be cooking and baking. It all started out with this magnetic timer from Kikkerland (by way of Anthropologie) that I got in my stocking last Christmas.


Magnetic Timer, $12

And my roommate and I have continued to collect yellow pieces to go in the kitchen. Here's the yellow stuff we have so far:

Chantal Bridge Teakettle in Mimosa Sun

Chantal Bridge Teakettle in Mimosa Sun, $40,


Happy in the Sun Print, $25,


Vintage Yellow Pyrex Bowl, $14 from AmeeliaBedelia on Etsy

There are also a few things that I've been considering getting to complete the yellow theme:


Small Rectangle Tray in Turmeric Lacquer, $29,


Jenn Dishtowel, $5,


Mario Batali Polenta Dutch Oven, Soup Pot and Baker $60-$80,

Do you decorate with color as your theme anywhere in your home? Is it something you would try and what color would you use?