CB2: Fresh Finds

May 17, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

CB2 has some great new products for spring – fresh, fresh, fresh! Would you like to see 8 of my picks for outside and in? I can guess that you'll find at least one that fits your taste and budget.  


OUTSIDE: I think one of my favorites has to be the igloo chair for the patio — at $149 in white you really can't go wrong, and I just love the retro lines. The mainsail orange umbrella (also available in white) is another nice touch for the outdoors, I particularly like that it is mobile and no dependent on being attached to a table or other surface. The swell chair in lime adds a slice of color and CB2 has many accessories that look nice with this bright color. You can even tone it down with warm brown and white accessories. Finally for the great outdoors I like the garcon rolling bar cart. It's perky, just as you'll be after a few cocktails in the warm sun!


AND IN: I love, love, love the blueprint chair (and it's on sale for $70 – a steal!). It's clean lines and wire frame is light and airy, great for small spaces when you don't want a lot of visual weight and you're looking to keeps things bright. The Bolla sofa, which is Italian for cloud, looks as soft and dreamy as one! I'd own this sofa in a heartbeat, and the color is forgiving when your kids are less than neat! 

NOT SHOWN: Other favorites include the draper slate sofa (love the mid century lines and fabric) and the radius daybed in mustard or cement gray. Perfect for lounging around on a Sunday morning or for last minute guests.

Do you see anything that you like from my list above? Have you purchased from CB2 lately? What was your experience? Did you like the quality and service? Would you shop there again?

(images: cb2)