Why Thank You

I came across this article on NYTimes.com and had to share. It's an interesting examination of the various ways in which we say "thank you" (or fail to!) in these times of rapidly evolving forms of communication. 

Gee Thanks 

image by Leanne Shapton for T Magazine (via NYTimes.com

I especially enjoyed this bit: 

I was horrified the first time my husband and I were thanked on Facebook by someone we’d had over for a multicourse dinner. (Actually it was only my husband who received the thanks — I refuse to join this moronic, soul-sucking “social-media network.”) What if we hadn’t seen it? What about all of the friends we didn’t invite to dinner who saw it? Must we tweet everything we eat to everyone we meet?

While I love Facebook for many of its advantages (sharing photos, staying in touch), I certainly hope it doesn't tempt too many folks out there to abandon the thoughtful thank you note or phone call when it comes to certain occasions. The author continues to examine other displays of gratitude – and isn't necessarily on one side of the (electronic) fence or the other. 

It's worth thinking about. Personally, I don't think there are many steadfast "rules" anymore, but that the type of occasion, gift, or gesture – as well as your relationship with the person hosting/giving/making it – should determine the manner in which you express your thanks. The one thing I'm absolutely sure of, though, is that everyone appreciates a little gratitude. 

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