Keeping the Bathroom Organized

Two product-loving girls + one bathroom = lots of clutter potential

As I've blogged about before, my new apartment is great, but it doesn't come with a lot of storage. When my roommate and I moved in, the only storage in the bathroom was the medicine cabinet–and it's a tiny one at that, think barely enough room for our toothpaste and bottles of face wash. Not to mention the fact that we started out without any storage in the shower either.

So here are our solutions (and get ready, you know I'm going to ask about your solutions at the end):

For the shower, we chose the OXO Lift and Lock Pole Caddy, $130 at Yes, it's  an investment, but it is incredibly sturdy and you can reposition the shelves without taking down the whole system.


And, it was tall enough to reach our high ceilings. (Yes, I was lying on my bathroom floor to take this picture.)


We are also planning on hanging up some Elfa storage for items we need to keep near the sink. My favorite Elfa solution for the bathroom—Elfa spice racks at The Container Store.


                                            Image from The Container Store

We have a shorter wall mounted piece and just three of the spice rack baskets, but it is a perfect fit for everything from hair products to nail polish.

And now, I want to know what you use to corral products in your bathroom. Share your solutions in the comments below.