What’s Your Favorite Margarita Flavor?

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, let's raise a glass to the ever-refreshing margarita. Admittedly, there are good margaritas and some not-so-good, makes-you-think-you're-drinking-bug-juice ones. But the most interesting, freshest concoctions I've seen lately have one thing in common: a spicy kick. Jalapeno seems to be the most popular ingredient, but it's not alone. One recent standout: NYC restaurant Back Forty's Losaida Sling made of Cachaca (a Brazilian rum), Ginger Beer, and Chipotle. It's crisp, refreshing, and tingles your tastebuds. But what about margaritas, the honorary drink of today? Here are a few spicy margarita recipes to try tonight.


Red Chile-Guava Margarita Recipe from Public Restaurant via Chow.com
> Milagro tequila infused with red chili, lime juice, orange liqueur and guava puree

Blood Orange-Jalapeno Margaritas from TheKitchn.com
> Pictured

Emeril's Spicy Margarita via Planet Green
> The most mild of the three: The chili-powder rim provides a kick, but the recipe is a classic.

So what's your favorite kind of margaritas?

Frozen or on the rocks?

Salt or no salt?

Original or flavored?