Would You Subscribe to a Flower Delivery Service?

I love fresh flowers. Having a vase of blooms on my desk at work or on my nightstand at home makes me incredibly happy. And I've considered buying fresh flowers weekly, like my co-worker Amy does—earlier this year, she challenged herself to create a bouquet a week, and she posts the photos on her blog, M-Dashing. But I'm always put off by the cost, and by the fact that I'm not great at putting together arrangements. So, I was intrigued by a new floral subscription service that just launched in New York City.

H.Bloom will deliver fresh flowers to your door weekly or bi-weekly for$35 per week. Yes, that does seem steep when you just look at the price, but considering you can pay almost three times that for comparable arrangements, plus delivery, in NYC, it's somewhere in the mid-range, especially for the quality of flowers you'll receive.  

Just look at some of the flowers they've delivered so far:




The way it works is for your first delivery, your arrangement comes in a small vase, and each week after that you'll just receive fresh flowers to drop right into that vase. I think it's a genius idea.

What do you think? Would you subscribe to a service like this if it were offered in your hometown?

(images from H.Bloom)