Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…

April 30, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

A few studies came out this week that either gave me pause, sort of irked me, or just otherwise made me giggle.

1. First, the giggle. A study of pet owners by found that 30% of women say that their pet is a better listener than their husband. 18% of men feel the same way—that Fido is a better ear than their female companion. An interesting note about the difference between cats and dogs, from the AP article: "Twenty-five percent of dog owners said their canines listened better
than a spouse, while only 14 percent of cat owners chose the feline." Hmmm. As someone who has owned both cats and dogs, I have to say that they are both great listeners. It's just that one seems vastly more interested than the other. (Cats have that "Do you mind? I'd rather be cleaning my paws…" look on their face most of the time.)

2. Next, the pause: A study just released in the Archives of Internal Medicine found a link between chocolate consumption and depression. As in: people who ate more chocolate were more likely to be down- in-the-dumps. Hmmm. A classic chicken-and-egg situation, don't you think? As in: Do you become blue because all that sweet stuff has snowballed into poor eating habits, and then weight gain, health problems, maybe even dental woes and a host of other negative things? Or, are you feeling low so you just mainline the chocolate and repeat that cycle? Hmm. Pass the M&Ms.

3. Finally, the one that irked me: Lack of sleep makes you eat more. This research nothing new, per se (there have been studies reporting this for a few years), but this latest headline-grabber includes a recent study from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It seems that being short on sleep causes an increase in  the hormones that regulate appetite. Hmmm. What irks me isn't actually the article or the study or its findings, per se (they are what they are!) but it simple brings up the eternally vexing conundrum facing anyone who wants to try to workout in the morning, but is already not getting enough sleep. The exercise can help you feel better as well as offset some of that aforementioned over-eating, but the earlier wake-up cuts into that precious sleep. And there's a similar thing if you try to work out after work or even after dinner; too late of a sweat session can make it hard to go to sleep at an appropriate hour. What to do!?