Slobproof Furniture (Not Kidding)

It was only a matter of time before some genius woman came up with this. It makes sense that she’s a busy wife and mother (to teenage boys, no less). With a bunch of messy men – plus a slobbering dog – running amuck in her house, interior designer Debbie Wiener came up with the only practical solution. No, she didn’t cover everything in plastic, or banish her men-folk to the basement. She designed a new line of slob-friendly upholstered furniture. You can read more about it (and the special fabric used to repel messes) here. Or check out the various styles, and more on Debbie, at the Slobproof website. The best part? It’s actually attractive stuff. 

Picture 8

Any entertaining enthusiast will attest that one downside to throwing really fun parties is that things are bound to spill. It happens. Especially at the really, really fun parties. How great would it be if you never had to worry about a ketchup/red wine/balsamic vinegar mishap again?!