Do You Send Moving Announcements?

April 26, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

When I moved from Kansas City to New York, I sent moving announcements. But I'm debating whether I should this time or not. I do love sending and receiving mail, but I'm torn over whether they are worth sending this time.

Supposing I do decide to send them, I'll probably make my own, but I've been looking for inspiration, and here are some of my favorites:


Classy Just Moved Announcement from findyourhappyheart on Etsy


Boston Skyline Moving Announcement from Saddle Stitch Studio on Etsy


Moving Announcement – A New Nest by perideaudesigns on Etsy


Envelopes New Address Moving Announcement from Paper Source

It seems that keys, birds, and something representational of the place where you live are the main trends for moving announcements.

So tell me, do you send an announcement when you move?