Food Voyeurism

Have you seen this feature on It is food voyeurism at its best. The Times asked readers to send in photos of what they were eating, and so far a whopping 442 snapshots have been published with captions describing who, what, and where. It’s fascinating. 

The call for food photos accompanied this article about people who photograph their food – including bloggers like yours truly. It’s an interesting read – especially the bit about the girl who met her boyfriend through her food blog (!) and can’t control the impulse to photograph nearly everything she eats. 

Picture 108

I’m not quite sure what compels me to click through photos of food taken by strangers in far-off places, but I find it oddly intriguing. It also makes me hungry. 

At the very least, it’s one way to find inspiration when the age-old question presents itself: what’s for dinner?