Pottery Barn: 10 Storage Favorites

April 5, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

Spring makes me want to get organized and work on lots of projects around the home, what about you? I was looking through the Pottery Barn catalog this morning and thought I'd pull together a Spring must-have list of 10 Storage Favorites that may lead you to some great things that you can order and enjoy for a more organized home. Here are my 10 picks.


1.  I love the idea of a coffee table as more than a functional piece but also as a space for creating a beautiful display beneath glass. The Townsend Coffee Table is made of pine and has space for displaying some of your favorite things. 


2.  Another favorite is the Cubby Organizer in Chippy White. I really, really wish that I could order this because it's a piece I'd definitely use in an office space. I love the storage possibilities. Endless!


3.  While we're enjoying organizers, let's also add the Rustic Wall Organizer to the list. Perfect for the kitchen, sewing/laundry room or entryway!


4.  I love, love, love the Wooden Spool Hooks and for $14.99 (for three) you really can't refuse them!


5.  The turn of the century look of the Covington Hook really appeals to me.


6.  I'm currently on the prowl for something just like the Petaluma Floor Tower for my bathroom, if only Pottery Barn shipped to Germany I'd order this one. It's perfect and I like that you can see what's inside but also that things are kept behind glass so that they remain dust-free.


7.  The Madeline Smart Technology™ Make-Up Table is another storage favorite of mine because it has a built-in power strip. Super!


8.  A busy family would do well to have the Brady 2-Piece Charge & Sort Entryway System — just imagine how much clutter you could eliminate and how many things you could contain in one organized place!


9.  The Galvanized Metal Cubbies with Hooks is another favorite — I'd like to have them above my washer/dryer.


10.  Who doesn't have a few precious keepsakes that deserve to be on display? I can think of some very sweet items that I'd like to keep in the Collector's Shadowbox in my home, can you?

See any that interest you? If so, which ones?

(images: pottery barn)