Keeping It Simple: Wash-and-Wear Suits

March 30, 2010 | By | Comments (1)

Staying on top of dry cleaning was always difficult for me when I worked in a business formal office. Many nights I didn’t get off work until after 7:00 p.m., when the dry cleaner closed. I can remember ducking out of meetings, running to the cleaners, getting my clothes, and then going back to work with plastic bags in tow. I’ve never been keen on the chemicals that dry cleaners use, and I hated all the money I had to spend to keep my clothes looking nice.

Now that I primarily work from home, I’ve cut out a great amount of business clothing from my wardrobe. I go to the dry cleaner once a year instead of once a week, and I try not to buy casual clothes that have “dry clean only” on their labels.

One advancement that came about while I was working in a business formal office was the no-iron dress shirt. I loved when Brooks Brothers and Talbots added these to their lines and I got to save myself from ironing. Now, Jones New York has introduced their Easy Care line of machine wash, tumble dry, wrinkle resistant business formal suits, skirts, and slacks:


A friend of mine bought one of the suits and it’s amazing. No more trips to the dry cleaner. No more environmental damage from all the harsh dry cleaning chemicals. And, it is incredibly travel friendly.

Simple living comes in many forms, and I love that there is now an acceptable wash-and-wear suit on the market. The next time I need to replace my one suit, I am definitely going to buy one that I can toss in the washing machine — simple, attractive, and bursting with common sense.

(Image from Jones New York.)