Organize with Handmade Bins

March 26, 2010 | By | Comments (3)

Is your closet a nightmare? When you open your wardrobe do you do so very carefully to avoid being buried in a sea of stuff? If you need some help organizing your things, opt for bins. I use them for everything from book storage to magazines, socks, slippers, toys, mittens, you name it I store it in a bin of some shape and size. I found some handmade bins (also called fabric baskets or storage buckets) that I like that I want to share if you only imagine plastic or wicker — bins have come a long way! See for yourself…


Pretty and practical bins from sewing momma


1. Vintage wallpaper box
2. Pink vintage wallpaper
3. Pink and white bin
4. Customized burlap bin


1. Linen and bird egg storage bin
2. Floral bin
3. Oilcloth storage bins
4. Treehouse bin


1. storage bin small
2. linen and lace bin
3. doily bin
4. frog bin

Do you use bins? Where? For what items? Do you have favorite bins and if so, where did you find yours? I used them for my hair dryer and hot rollers in the bathroom, for my socks in the closet, for books in my cabinet and for magazines in my living room. In the entryway I have a bin where I keep my mittens.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

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