Home Run Dinner – Steak Sandwiches

One of my favorite easy dinners is the Steak Sandwich. It’s the thoughtful combination of flavors that make this one a winner. Crusty french bread, broiled strip steak, bitter arugula, roasted balsamic tomatoes, and a mayo/mustard/sour cream sauce (for extra zip) come together in the most delightful way. I like to think of it as elevated comfort food – perfect for a cozy weeknight dinner for two, but also a great go-to for casual dinner parties. You can always count on a good time when guests are eating with their hands. 

This is what mine looks like: 


I love to serve these sandwiches with roasted brussels sprouts – extra charred, just the way my Fiance likes them. Which brings me to another great thing about this meal – the menfolk LOVE it. 

Here’s a close up – you can see the layers – steak, tomatoes, arugula – yum. I spread the sauce on both top and bottom halves of the bread. And then I lick it off the plate. Okay, not really…but I want to. 

 My version is somewhere in between this recipe and this recipe. I follow the broiling instructions from the first, but use the Mustard Mayo from the second. Sometimes I leave out the onions. Tweaking recipes is a great way to experiment in the kitchen. You’ve got the backbone of a recipe to follow (so as to avoid major disasters) but you can have a little fun with it and get creative. Then you can really start to come up with recipes that you can call your own

This is what the plates looked like the last time I served this meal (about 5 minutes after the food hit the table): 


Now that’s what I call a success. 

Happy Weekend Everyone!