Homemade Junk Food

Homemade-Potato-Chips Have you ever made your own potato chips? I saw this deliciously inspiring post today on SavorySweetLife.com that shows you how to make potato chips in the microwave. You’ll need a mandoline or a vegetable peeler, but otherwise it’s really simple. This got me thinking about other homemade “junk food” that’s on my radar. Here are my random yet delicious musings:

My friend Dave is notorious for his homemade Twinkies; Real Simple has a recipe for hot pretzels; Tastespotting.com has a category for homemade junk food (albeit, there’s only 1 item in it); and Giada has created her verson of homemade cheetos: fried polenta.

What other “junk food” would you/do you make yourself?

photo: SavorySweetLife.com