Go-To Baby Gift

One of my all time favorite gifts for a new baby is the “Boogaloo” Doll by Bla Bla Kids. Aside from the absurdly cute name, I love giving Boogaloos because they’re the softest, most whimsical, lovable little knitted creatures – and not only does the mother usually love them, but the baby does too! I think it has to do with how cozy/soft/squishy they are, but the little munchkins just won’t let the Boogaloos out of their tiny grasps.

Picture 65 

Picture 66  

Two of my cousins had (the most adorable) babies (ever) last year, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say that their favorite gifts were the Boogaloos I gave them. I’m sure of it. 

Of course Bla Bla sells other items besides the Boogaloo – I’m a fan of the other dolls in their collection (I kind of want a giant one for myself), plus the rattles, the finger puppets, the mobiles…oh heck, I love it all. My dream nursery would be just chock full of this stuff. Check out their website for the full selection (plus some pretty homepage photos), and visit their blog for even more prettiness (and cute babies!!). 

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Bla Bla Kids is a great company not only for their hip design factor, but because their products are made by Peruvian artisans, using natural fibers grown in Peru, all while observing fair trade ethics. You can learn more about the company, and their very talented designer, Florence Wetterwald, here. I am such a big fan of anyone who designs children’s toys that don’t look like your “typical” children’s toys. Don’t get me wrong – as a child of the ’80s, I loved me some cabbage patch kids and glo-worms, but design for children these days is just so much more…beautiful. 

I love finding smaller companies who sell beautiful handmade products any old time, but especially when shopping for baby gifts. Got any great go-to baby gifts of your own? Share them in the comments here! I’m selfishly curious – attending a shower next weekend!