When Mother Nature Makes Life Simple

February 9, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

After being on the road a great deal for work in January, I declared February as a Super Simple Month: no travel for work, one social engagement a week or less, no shopping except for necessities, and no new large projects (craft, writing, organizations, etc.). Then, just days later, snow storms started rolling into D.C. and Mother Nature enforced my Super Simple Month for me. The only time I’ve left the house in the last week was when a neighbor drove me in his all-wheel drive station wagon to the grocery store so that I could stock up on staples before the 10″ to 15″ started falling that we’re supposed to get tonight.

Being forced to live simply is actually much easier than choosing to do so. I’m not tempted to eat out at a restaurant because they’re not open and, if they were, I have zero desire to walk a mile in thigh-high snow to get there. I thought about buying a book today on Amazon, but then remembered that we haven’t had UPS or FedEx delivery in a week and probably won’t have service again until Friday. And, on the social scene, the Super Bowl party we were planning to attend was canceled. We were without power for part of the weekend, so I couldn’t even work had I wanted to.

I don’t yet have cabin fever, and so far I’m liking the results of my Super Simple Month. I definitely have more energy than I did at the end of January, and I’ve been home to witness my son crawl for the first time, his first two teeth come in, and him say his first words (Kitty Cat). When March rolls around and we return to our regular monthly schedule, I know that I’ll look on this time fondly. I’ll probably also be more eager to say “no” more often than I have been to busy-ness.

Have you ever tried a Super Simple Month? What did you cut out of your schedule and how did it work for you? I’m interested in reading about your experiences in the comments.