Sebastian Foster Gallery

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Sebastian Foster is a contemporary art gallery based in Austin, Texas which happens to also have an online shop where you can view many original paintings and prints from a carefully curated group of emerging and established artists. More ways to bring affordable art into your home, yay!



In addition to selling affordable originals, Sebastian Foster also operates a print making studio which allows them to offer archival quality print editions from artists like Amanda Blake, Amy Ruppel , Matte Stephens, and Leah Giberson.

When you see prints like that ones shown above, do you often wonder how to display them in your home? If so, visit the Flickr group Art In Your Home, it has many contributing members from all over the world who share photos of art in their home which can prove to be a real inspiration since so many of us can get stuck in decorating ruts and often a little inspiration is all we need to display things in our homes in a fresh and interesting new way. Here are a few examples from some contributors over at the Art In Your Home group.


Nestled In


Kate Art Hound

What about you… How and where do you display art prints (and originals) in your home?

(images: top: sebastian foster, all others are linked below image to their source.)