What’s Your Entertaining Style?

In an effort to deliver useful and relevant Entertaining ideas and tips here, I’m curious to know – how do you Entertain? 

It is my experience that every hostess must find her own “entertaining style” – figuring out what types of parties you like to throw, how often you like to throw them, and what elements of party planning you’re good at (food, decor, music). The best parties are always the ones where the hostess is at ease in her own skin, having a good time and enjoying time with her guests. She has her own “style” that has been cultivated over the years. 

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I’m far from having this nailed – but find that the more I invite people over for some fun, the easier it gets. I like relaxed entertaining – inviting people over via phone or email, cooking a meal I can make ahead of time and pull out right before we eat, to be served buffet style, and loading up on good wine and fun playlists. I also like getting friends together at restaurants when I’m just too lazy to cook (or tidy up the house). 

I’m interested in learning how other women entertain in real life, and how frequently. The company of good friends is something that should be enjoyed as much as possible – but we all know it takes time, money, and energy – plus a certain degree of creativity – to be the one who gets all those friends together. 

So tell me – how do you entertain? 

Do you throw casual, intimate dinner parties on a regular basis?

What type of food do you make? Do you prefer appetizers and cocktails to a three course meal?

Do you prefer to save up your hostess energy to throw a special big bash once or twice a year?

Do you throw “theme” parties like a Wine & Cheese Tasting?

What do you do to spruce up your home when having guests? Flowers and candles? Hand-crafted decor?

Or if you hardly ever entertain at home, but wish that you did – what’s stopping you?

Leave your answers in the comments below, to be featured in a future post!