Technology we will, and won’t, be taking on vacation

January 21, 2010 | By | Comments (0)

Tech All our bags our packed and we're ready to go on our Caribbean cruise. . . actually, we're almost ready to go. Just have to fill our bags with an assortment of technology. Here are the gadgets each of us will be bringing along, and what we'll be leaving at home.

In my 7 year old son's backpack:

In my 4 year old daughter's backpack:

  • Leapster with games rechargeable batteries, battery charger
  • Craig video player loaded with Cinderella, Aladdin & Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (not sure why, but they are both obsessed with this movie, which we received from a publicist)
  • iFrogz Ear Pollution Toxix

In my pretty Land's End tote bag (a gift from the 2008 Manic Mommies Escape):

And for my husband. . .

  • Nothing. What can I say? The man travels light.

So what will we be leaving behind?

  • My Nintendo DS – As much as I've enjoyed this piece of technology in the past, I'll be leaving it at home in favor of my Kindle, as well as videos and games on my iPhone.
  • My laptop – With a goal of disconnecting from the internet, I'll be keeping the wifi on my iPhone and Kindle turned off. And I'll be leaving my laptop at home. (I may need some medication to help me with this separation).

Looking at the the pile of cables and cords, I'm a little amazed by how much technology we "need" when traveling. Which made me wonder, what do you and your family bring when on vacation? And what do you leave at home?