I Spy: Ikea at a Black Tie Affair

A few weeks ago I attended a gorgeous, exquisitely executed black-tie wedding in Louisiana. I was just tickled by the clever usage of a couple favorite items from Ikea in the event design, and had to share these pictures I snapped. Fellow guests may have looked at me a bit strangely when I approached the bar and exclaimed – “look – it’s the Expedit!” – but random-Ikea-furniture-recognition is one of the many strange habits that accompany my line of work. Kudos to the event planner/designer for his/her employment of these items – they worked seamlessly with the rest of the “fancier” design elements of the party – and boy was it a fancy, fun, fabulous party! 

Spotted: two Expedit bookcases used as a candlelight display/backdrop to the well-organized bar.



The votives gave off a very nice glow…


Surrounding the beautiful cake: an assortment of white “Farm” bud vases.  

…and some more Farm bud vases on a mirrored surface with the most delicious cupcakes! 

A grouping of these white ceramic vases are the perfect addition to any dinner party, and at $2 a pop you can afford to stock up. I love them with tulips!