Cheese, Please

Is there anything better in life than really, really good cheese? Yes. Really, really good cheese that is shipped to your home directly from France. is my new favorite website. It’s basically like walking into a gourmet cheese shop in Paris stocked with hundreds of cheeses – but from the comfort of your own living room. 

In addition to providing the history and origins of every cheese they sell (quite the education), they will ship to you on the date of your choice. It’s not the cheapest cheese you can buy (thanks to the overseas refrigerated shipping, which will run you around $35), but for anyone with a discerning taste for cheese, it’s worth it – and makes a really special gift. 

Picture 13

We received a large shipment of assorted cheeses from as a holiday gift (how had I never heard of this site before?!), and it lasted several weeks. It was so fun to discover a new cheese each night – there were at least a dozen I had never heard of – and it ended up being a great way to entertain drop-in guests. The ones we received tasted so different than cheeses I’m used to buying here in the states. Simply put, they were better

So when the next special occasion arises that calls for cheese, I know where I’m getting it. Let’s face it – when it comes to the gloriously stinky stuff, the French know what they’re doing. 

A note on pricing – as you browse their selection, all of the prices are shown in Euros. Add cheeses to your cart and when you go to the checkout page, it allows you to convert the total to US Dollars. Today the exchange rate is $1.43 per Euro – so if a cheese is listed at 10 Euro, you’ll pay $14.30 for it. Not too painful. I suggest the cheese “boards” they offer – why not let the experts put together an assortment that works? 

One more fun homage to fromages: The “How to Cut the Cheese” diagrams! I had no idea that a “fundamental rule” of cutting cheese for tasting says that each portion should contain a bit of the rind. Who knew?

Picture 14

I promise if you serve this cheese at your next party, people will be talking about it for weeks.