Favorite Posts of 2009

December 31, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Since today is the last day of 2009, I thought it might be fun to make a list of my favorite posts of the year for the Simply Stated blog. I’m not really sure why I liked them so much, but I hope you liked them, too. Enjoy!

Does Society Expect All Women to Be Tidy?:

… I know that when I was a clutterbug, I heard a number of negative comments about how I’d “never get a husband with a dirty house” or that I “better marry a guy with a lot of money so that I can have maids” do the work I wasn’t skilled at doing. I always found these comments to be offensive. They implied that I needed a man to save me from my clutter problems (ugh) and also that I wouldn’t ever be desirable because of my inability to keep house (double ugh).

Adhesive Pockets for Labeling Boxes:

Instead of using printed labels on the front of storage containers, spruce things up with pictures in adhesive pockets. I like the 5″ x 8″ Pendaflex pockets because they are rugged and durable.

The Myth of Work-Life Balance:

Without clutter in your home, office, thoughts, and life you don’t have to worry about “balance” because you’re able to pursue the whole life you want.

Five Things You Can Unclutter Right Now:

1. Clear the sticky notes. Do you have sticky notes on your monitor, bulletin board, or calendar? Put them in a pile and enter the data into a more appropriate (and permanent) location. Write the appointments in your calendar. Type the dentist’s phone number into your Contacts program. Download 1Password (Mac) or Roboform (PC) and stop showing the world your passwords.

Leaving an Organized Voice Mail:

A well-crafted voice mail message means that the person is able to actually find what you need or take care of the situation before getting back into touch with you. The best voice mail messages won’t even need a call in return.

Being Your Biggest Advocate:

If we don’t believe that we’re capable of successfully clearing the clutter from our lives, no one else is going to believe it for us. If we don’t believe that we can have organized homes and offices, no one else will. We need to believe that we can achieve our goals and advocate for our success — no matter what accomplishments we have our minds set to achieve.

Focusing on the Happy in Happy Holidays:

Barbara didn’t care that my house wasn’t in showplace mode, she was there to see my son. My house could have looked like it was hit by a tornado and she probably wouldn’t have noticed.

What were your favorite posts in 2009? Share your list in the comments.