No Hassle New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is one of those occasions that makes people feel immense pressure to come up with lavish plans for celebrating. Despite this pressure, you may be one of the millions of Americans who still doesn’t have any plans for tomorrow evening. Sometimes, the easiest plan is to make the party come to you! So round up some close friends and host one of these no-hassle New Year’s parties:

1. The Dessert Pot Luck

With everyone about to embark on the inevitable resolution month of calorie-counting and “being good” – why not be bad for one last night? Place a few invitation phone calls to friends who don’t yet have plans, and ask them to bring their favorite dessert – it can be as simple as chocolate chip cookies or as fancy as a creme brulee – the important part is that all you’ve got to do as the hostess is pick up some champagne! Start the party late – around 9 or 10 – so that guests know to have dinner before they arrive. Or, if you’re like me, just eat dessert for dinner. By countdown time your guests will be merry as can be – a combination of sugar-high and champagne bubbles. 

2. The Take-Out Dinner

One year a friend of mine invited everyone over to his apartment, ordered a ridiculous number of pizza’s from the “good” delivery place, and stocked up on plenty of wine and champagne to last us until way past midnight. The evening was spent gathered round the living room with good friends – the perfect anti-party. No elaborate planning, no hours spent in the kitchen. So call up your dear friends, order some take-out from your favorite place, and enjoy a stress-free evening at home! 

3. The Appetizer Party

Of the three, this one requires the most preparation – but it’s still a breeze. Whip up a few no-fuss appetizers - try these – and have friends bring the bubbly. Dim the lights, light some candles, and pick up a few fun party hats and noise-makers at the grocery store. Put the iPod on shuffle and let loose. Just because you’re not forking over an arm and a leg for some fancy prix-fixe, doesn’t mean it’s not a party! 

As for my New Year’s Eve plans? I lucked out this year. A dear friend is getting married in Louisiana, and the festivities start tomorrow night. So, aside from getting on a plane tomorrow, my New Year’s plans are pretty hassle free. It’s also sure to be a great time – in my experience, folks in Louisiana know how to party. I’m off to pack…

Happy New Year!