Using Ornaments After The Holidays

December 28, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Don't pack away those ornaments just yet! I want to share a little after-the-holidays decorating tip with you. No need to store them all away until next year because with a little creativity you can use a few of your favorites throughout the winter season. How? After you've taken down your tree, look through all of your ornaments and see which ones are not holiday specific but that simply have a more wintertime aesthetic — mittens, pine cones, snowflakes, birds, icicles, etc. Then look at the colors of what you have laying there before you — will any match your current home decor? If so, take them to your windows and see if you can imagine a few hanging there. Here is some visual inspiration for you found over at Flickr so you can get a better idea of what I envision…


1. allen company inc 2. najjie 3. Atelier XT 4. perpetual*bliss 5. queenbeeamy and 6. mainemomma-kristin.

In a large window you can use 3 or 5 ornaments and tie elastic transparent wire (available on rolls at most craft stores) to each one and hang them from your window at different lengths. I like to group things in uneven numbers, that's why I suggest 3 or 5. You can even take a pretty branch from outdoors (birch looks lovely) and hang it in your window and suspend your ornaments from that too.

A. bugsandfishes B. Cem Y. iliinsan C. the workroom.

Another idea… if you have a single window that you'd like to adorn but you would also like to keep it simple, hang a single ornament on transparent wire, cutting the wire long enough so that your ornament falls at eye level or slightly above. Whether you use one or several, have fun and get creative!

1. yyellowbird 2. mainemomma – kristin 3. cinnamon.

Have you ever tried this with ornaments, turning them into decorative accessories to use after the holidays?

Psst: Don't forget to hit your favorite stores now… you can find so many lovely ornaments for 50% off or more. I suggest Anthropologie…

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