Interior Styling Group on Flickr

December 23, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

I recently created a group on Flickr for interior stylists and those who either want to become one or who simply enjoy decorating their own homes and who are looking for fresh ideas and inspiration. There are so many wonderful contributors to this growing group, currently over 400 active members worldwide. Would you like to see a glimpse of what you can find in the Interior Styling group on Flickr?


1. patches and purls, 2. Ivayaneva, 3. SimplyGrove, 4. The Happy Home, 5. The Happy Home, 6. ishtarolivera.

In addition to adding photos to the group, there is a section for members-only discussions to take place by topic and currently the topics include: What camera/s do you use, do you need help (with interior styling), who are your favorite interior stylists, what do you love about styling and a general roll call for members to share where they live and work.

If you love to arrange things in your home, are interested in sharing your home styling projects with others, have been told that your photos belong in a magazine, or simply want to connect with others who live to create beautiful interiors then this group just may be for you!

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