Five Tips for Boosting Your Energy During the Holidays

The holidays are fun, but they take a lot of work. Shopping, cooking, decorating, entertaining, traveling, listening to your great-uncle’s boring stories without yawning…all these suck up energy.

If you feel energetic, holidays are festive. But if you feel exhausted, even things that you’d usually find fun – like baking cookies – seem like chores. If you need a quick boost, try one of these strategies:

1. Exercise—even a quick ten-minute walk will increase your energy and boost your mood. This really works! People sometimes assume that exercise tires them out, but moderate exercise actually makes you more energetic.

2. Listen to lively music. Play some of your favorite Christmas carols or some fast happy music.

3. Act energetic. Research shows that when people move faster, their metabolism speeds up. Also, because the way we act influences the way we feel (to an almost uncanny degree), by acting energetic you’ll make yourself feel more energetic.

4. Do NOT use food. It’s tempting to reach for a piece of leftover pecan pie when you’re feeling listless, but in the end, all those extra calories will just drag you down. In general, be wary of the urge to treat yourself when you’re feeling low.

5. Finally, to state the obvious—get your sleep! You’re not going to have energy if you’re squeaking by on five hours of sleep every night. Turn out the light at a decent hour. It’s hard, especially when you’re racing to get a lot done, but it really matters. (Here are some tips for getting good sleep.)

Have you found any good strategies for keeping your energy high during the holidays?

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