Who Will You Tip this Holiday Season?

Money Well, it’s tipping season again. That joyful time of year when we all realize that we need to thank many of the people who help us out on a regular basis—and it’s going to be expensive.

There are so many people on our tipping list this year, I feel like I should just start handing out cash to random strangers.

Here’s who I'll be financially thanking:

  • Newspaper carrier. This isn’t just a toss-it-on-the-stoop job. These guys often (well, sometimes) bring the paper to the third floor of my apartment building and leave it outside my door.
  • Mail carrier. I work from home, and I subscribe to a lot of magazines. (It is my job, after all.) Plus, my mail carrier greets my daughter by name.
  • Building superintendent. Something breaks, he fixes it. ‘Nuff said.
  • Daycare workers. I will be tipping not only the owner, but also her employees who regularly coddle and care for my infant daughter. There’s no question in my mind that it’s worth it.
  • Hairstylist. As much as I’d love to wait until January to get my hair cut, it’s been entirely too long and I can't avoid a December appointment. I’ll be adding on to my usual tip.

Check out Real Simple's Holiday Tipping Checklist for info on how much to tip during the holidays.

Who will you be tipping this year?