What’s Your Time Worth to You?

WrappedGift During the holidays, I’m always struck by how much I have to get done. December is like any other month—just as much work, just as many responsibilities—except that I also have to send out holiday cards, buy presents for pretty much everyone I know (and wrap and ship them), and juggle holiday parties and travel. So every year I make decisions about what’s important to me and what’s worth my time.

For instance, I’m a big fan of online shopping. (I’ve touched on this before.) Around the holidays, online shopping is a beautiful thing, because for a small amount of extra money, I can get an item wrapped and shipped for me. That’s not to say that I won’t wrap the presents that are going to my own family here in New York. (I’m not that lazy.) But for my friends and family in far-flung places? You bet. Click, pay, done.

Sometimes the money you pay is worth the time that you’re saving—time you can spend hanging out with your loved ones instead of bent over a jumble of wrapping paper and tape.

There are compromises, of course. A package wrapped in Amazon gift paper with a typed-up message probably doesn’t seem as personal as something I’ve wrapped myself. But given the choice between some compromise and my own sanity this month, I choose my sanity.

What do you spend money on to save yourself some time (and sanity)?