Simple & Festive Holiday Drink Garnishes {Red}


Signature cocktails are always a wonderful addition to holiday parties, and adding a colorful garnish – like a pop of festive red – makes SUCH a big difference when it comes to the festive factor of your “star drinks”.

The great news is that you don’t have to get complicated when it comes to garnishing cocktails & holiday drinks. Here are a few simple ideas that you can whip out in no time without skimping on style!


Star Players: Raspberries, Cranberries, and Maraschino Cherries

 1. Berry & Cherry Cocktail Picks
It doesn’t get much easier than sliding red berries or cherries onto toothpicks or cocktail picks! Get creative with the arrangement and try a contemporary row of  3-6 cranberries or alternate one cranberry and one cherry for a playful look. You can also just add a single berry or cherry to one end of a pick for a cute “ball topped” look.


2. Raspberry & Rosemary Cocktail Skewers

Embellishing a raspberry-topped pick with a short piece of rosemary makes for such a pretty – and Christmas appropriate – addition to red or white martinis! For a great “winter” feel, dust slightly damp rosemary with sugar.


3. Floating Red Berry Trio

Simply top red or white drinks with a trio of raspberries or cranberries. Red-on-red red gives a chic contemporary vibe, and red-on-white creates a fun, festive look for both winter holidays and Valentines Day. For white drink ideas, try vanilla milkshakes, White Russians, or eggnog & eggnog-based cocktails. Good options for red drinks include Raspberry Collins, cranberry cosmos, raspberry margaritas, pomegranate cosmos or a red holiday punch.