Would You Give Art?

December 4, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

So tell me, would you give art as a present? If so, The Keep Calm Gallery always has the best selection of limited run posters, I find them to be witty and smart and I like that they're not designs you see all over the web or in the home of all your friends. Have you shopped them before? They'd be a great start for gift shopping… check these out. The first one is quite cute for the "bird watcher" (hint, hint) in your life.



If you love prints and would give them, why not also enclose a few display tips for your friend. Real Simple wrote about displaying photos and small prints from a coat hook (which I liked) and that you can clip photos and cards to a branch on your mantle (love!), so why not a few small prints too.


Would you give a poster or print as a gift? Has anyone ever given you one before and if so, did you use it? Do you give large prints (poster size) or smaller ones (5×7 for instance)? How do you display them or suggest displaying them?

Have a fantastic weekend! Do something creative if you can. :)

(images: keep calm gallery)