Do You Make or Buy Your Holiday Gifts?

November 30, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Thanksgiving is over, and now I'm ready for the gift-giving holidays. I haven't yet decided if I'll be making gifts, or if I'll be buying them this year. I've seen several great DIY gift ideas, but sometimes those can end up being more expensive (and less appreciated) than purchased gifts.

What are your thoughts on making vs buying holiday gifts? And what do you plan to do this year?

Here are some of the great homemade gift ideas I've seen:

Personalized Doily Tote Bags from Under the Sycamore by Ashley Ann


Sugar Bowl Candles from Real Simple


Sunprint Calendar from make grow gather

(I would definitely try the suggestion from the comments on using overhead transparency sheets to write out the months and dates)


Lavender Sachets from Sunset


Beaded Necklaces with Ribbon from Martha Stewart


(images from Under the Sycamore, Real Simple, make grow gather, Sunset & Martha Stewart)