To Give Or Not To Give – Clothing

November 25, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

After writing a list of 8 gifts that I try to avoid when I'm gifting a friend or colleague, Simply Stated reader Marlono added what I think should be the ninth no-no, clothing! There is nothing worse than when someone gives you a garment larger than what you wear. This happened to me once and it left me blue for several days. Why? It was a gift from a very best friend who gave me lingerie for my bridal shower that was three sizes larger. Not one. Not two. THREE. I remember holding up the sexy ensemble for all to see thinking, "Is this a practical joke?" though I could tell as she looked on fondly at my new frilly piece with a face that read nothing but warmth and sincere joy that she was dead serious. She really, sincerely thought I wore that size. I went to the bathroom and cried and never wore it — it went to charity.


When it comes to clothing as gifts I'm with Marlono — opt for giving hats, gloves, accessories and things that don't have a tag bearing a size on it. Even a size 2 friend would be offended if you gifted her with a size 4 — I didn't think that would be the case until I made the mistake of doing it once.







If you're looking for accessories to give, have you tried shopping Etsy? I've included views and links above of a few of my favorite shops for knits and gems that I'm certain won't offend your friends!

So you have any gift giving or receiving nightmares to share??? Please do! It may make me feel better about my bridal shower!!!

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