Book Review: Simply Elegant Flowers


I’ve recently been on a flower arranging kick and have really been wanting to learn some new techniques and tricks to take party & event centerpieces to the next level.  It’s amazing how much more creative and capable you feel in a certain area with a little bit of education, and just learning more about a few of the different types of flowers florist tools that are available has already helped so much!

Hands-on education is always the best, and one day when I have the extra time and money, I’d love to attend one or 2 of the sessions at the SoCal-based Phil Rulloda School of Floral Design, but in the meantime I settled for a flower-arranging-book shopping spree on Amazon, and wanted to share a little about one of my personal favorites here – a book written by Bob Shuman called Simply Elegant Flowers With Michael George. {list price: $30 / only $19.80 at Amazon – great holiday gift idea too!}


Reasons why I love this book in particular:

1. It includes LOTS of different arrangement ideas, as opposed to some floral design books that only feature a few. Most of the arrangements focus on just 1-3 types of blooms really are relatively simple, just as the title suggests, but there are also a decent amount of more involved designs, which gives the book a nice variety.

2. Eye candy is an understatement here! The gorgeous, full-color photos are enough to justify this as book as a great coffee table piece at the very least. Trust me, your guests will ooh and ahh over the glossy pages! Here's one of my favorite designs:


3. The writing is interesting, personable, and easy to follow. Clean fonts and generous line spacing actually make it easier on the eye and help to keep the reader from feeling overwhelmed by all the information.

4. Key points are briefly summarized and called out in blocks of information such as Concept, Prepare, Create, and Master Class.

5. Visual step-by-step tutorials are included for several of the arrangements, which is especially helpful with the more involved designs.



6. The book is sectioned by season, which is extremely helpful because you can flip right to the season that you want to create the arrangement for (whether current or the time of year when your party or wedding is scheduled) and immediately see a variety of flowers & styles that are actually available to you at that time. Notes on the types of seasonal flowers are included as well.


7. I said it once but it’s worth saying 3 more times: Eye candy. Eye candy. Eye candy! Here’s some more proof:






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{Photo credit for images pictured above: Brie Williams, Lisa George, and Bill Miller. Cover photo by Brie Williams}

P.S. Book foreward by Martha Stewart!