What are Your Favorite Money Saving Twitter Feeds?

PiggyBank If you haven’t noticed, Twitter is a breeding ground for bargain hunters who want to share their steal-finding prowess with the world. I have no problem with this.

You’d like to share the latest Gap discount code with me? Great. You found out that a website is offering free shipping? Beautiful. Last week I ordered a magazine subscription for $5 because I caught the special on Twitter (and it was a magazine I was thinking about anyway). I felt so new-age.

And it's especially helpful now that I'm starting to think about holiday shopping. I'm keeping an eye out for discounts at my favorite present-buying stores.

I don’t spend a ton of time on Twitter, but so far, these are my favorite deal-finders:

- Fantabandfrugal
- MissBargainista
- CheapTweet
- MomsWhoSave

Then, of course, there are retailers that I follow because they tweet deals and discount codes. For example: Old Navy.

Who do you follow on Twitter to find deals? (Did you know you could?)