Skinnyskinny: Organic Bath & Body

November 18, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

For the next six weeks or so, I'm going to be popping in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week as usual but with a twist — I will highlight fab things for gift giving. So let's get started, shall we?

Have you heard of skinnyskinny organic bath and body products in Brooklyn? They are my new favorite shop because of their organic goodies — like lavender eucalyptus soap wrapped in pretty paper. Once you try a bar of their soap you won't be able to stop lathering and oooing and ahhhing — just like an Herbal Essences commercial. Only you will be using something on your body that is healthy and eco-friendly which only makes you feel better about using it, right?


I think my favorite is the organic soap box set (shown bottom left) because I can't imagine running out of their soap after indulging in this deliciousness.


Interested in what makes their soap stand out? This may give you a good idea as to why I love them (especially in the winter months), "We are one of the few companies that use extra-virgin olive oil as the base for our soaps. Why does this make a difference? Well, extra-virgin is minimally processed and hasn’t been stripped of it’s best parts. For many of the same reasons that extra-virgin olive oil is better for you to at than lower-grades of olive oil, we think that extra-virgin makes
a better, more moisturizing soap. Because we start with such high-quality and nutrient-rich ingredients (check any of our labels), the finished soaps leave you clean without stripping your skin of its needed moisture. This means that you won’t itch and you also won’t need to use as many moisturizing products (like lotions). All of the recipes for our soaps have been carefully balanced to create gentle,
long-lasting bars that won’t melt away in the shower."

In addition to their online shop, if you want to buy skinnyskinny in person, try Anthropologie stores and these shops nationwide. Enjoy!

(images: skinnyskinny)