The Search for The Perfect Vacuum, Part II

November 16, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

A few weeks back I wrote that I'd started my search for the perfect vacuum. Since then I've been reading user reviews, researching vacuums online, and asking almost every woman I know what she uses to clean her floors. Since writing my review of the Roomba, I've spoken to several women who swear by their little robot. And I've met several more who swear by their Dyson.

Check any number of shopping Web sites and you'll see Dyson vacuums are almost uniformly top-rated. There are several Dyson models and they are not inexpensive. I wanted to review one of the upright models, but the company sent me their latest handheld vacuum instead. I'll admit, I was skeptical. My last handheld vacuum was a Shark. It did the trick on the Cheerios and crumbs, but it didn't last very long (what can you expect for around $40?). Before that I had a handheld Dirt Devil. And before that, a Black & Decker dustbuster. Unlike my old upright vacuum that seemed to last forever, my handhelds seemed to burn out faster than any other electronic device in my household. After buying and throwing several away, I actually reverted to a very low-tech solution: a broom and dustpan.

DC31YE_Lightweight_and_ergonomic This weekend I put my review Dyson DC31 handheld (Retail: $220) to the test.
I started with the basement stairs. My basement is not finished,
although it does have a concrete floor and a few sheetrock walls. I'm
not exaggerating when I say the stairs have probably not been swept or
vacuumed in over two years. At 2.9 pounds, the DC31 is marketed as being ideal for
quick pick-ups and spot
cleaning but I found it so powerful, it picked up dirt and modest
construction debris. The vacuum's technology prevents it from loosing
suction as you clean and the device is completely bagless with washable
filters. You won't get your hands dirty when you empty it either. Hold
the vacuum over the trash and empty the canister with the press of a
button. It's that easy!

The OCD cleaning woman inside me rejoiced as I quickly and efficiently cleaned the basement stairs. Next thing I knew I was cleaning the cobwebs out of the corners and running the DC31 along the base of the walls and under the staircase. I headed into the kitchen and tackled the crevices beneath the counters. Then my boys wanted to take a turn because, really, every good handheld vacuum does double duty as a rugged toy.

The Dyson DC31 changed my mind about handhelds. Of course this model—like all other Dysons—is not inexpensive. But when you factor in there are no additional bags or filters to buy and that it comes with a standard two year warranty on parts and labor, it becomes more affordable.

Have you found your perfect vacuum yet? If not, you might want to give a Dyson a try.