Gift Giving Made Easier

Real Simple just made my holiday shopping a heck of a lot easier – introducing: On The Go Gift Guides!

I’m not sure which genius on staff is responsible for this lightbulb moment, but I’m sure glad they came up with it. It’s reason enough to start your holiday shopping early this year and avoid that last-minute mad dash to the mall…

On my To Do list for tonight: finally updating my iPhone with the new 3.whatever software so I can download Real Simple’s first ever iPhone App – Holiday Gift Guide. 

Picture 4

Oh the possibilities…

Not only will I be able to search Real Simple‘s annual 50 Gifts Under $50 from anywhere – a Guide whose creation I used to toil over (let me tell you – a LOT of work goes into selecting the best gifts for giving every year), but I can also access the new online exclusive – 31 Gifts Under $31

There’s a new gift added to this list every day of this month, like this charming key-shaped bottle opener (pictured below) from Anthropologie (a personal fave for gifts) for just $12 . Now those are some price ranges I can work with this year! 

Picture 3

The best part for this girl-on-the-go? Aside from my usual online shopping habit, the GPS function supports the ability to find the store nearest me which carries each item, then reserve it for pick up – hello instant gratification! 

Okay, I’ll stop gushing now. It’s just too good to be true! Now if they could just create an App that would magically cook the turkey for me…

Got an iPhone? Try the App out for yourself and share your thoughts here.