Treat Yourself

Once in a while a girl has got to pamper herself. What better time than late in the year, as the impending holiday craziness looms near! 

On my recent trip to Napa, I paid a visit to the Spa Villagio at the Vintage Estate in Yountville, and I can say that it was – hands down – the best spa experience I’ve ever had.


Now, most women I know have at least one thing that is their thing – they thing they splurge on once in a while because it does wonderful things for the soul to be pampered every now and then. For some, it’s a fancy new haircut or highlights. For others, it’s regular manicures. Or weekly yoga sessions. And for a very lucky few, it’s Manolo Blahniks. Me? I’m a spa girl. Massages are my thing. The fact that I’m prone to terrible migraines and back problems gives me all the more reason (read: medical necessity) to indulge in this luxury every few months when I’m really aching. 


The Spa Villagio was one of the most relaxing, beautiful spaces I’ve ever visited. Every material, every light fixture, every detail was carefully curated to create the ultimate luxury spa environment. The design is made to feel very residential, far from some city-based spas I’ve been to that tend to make you feel like a cog in an assembly line. At Spa Villagio, you feel like a spoiled guest at someone’s Tuscan Villa. There’s plenty of room for relaxing, and everything is oh so Mediterranean, so you feel far, far away from the everyday world. The robe I was given upon arrival was so comfortable I didn’t want to ever take it off. Even the water is special – infused with different herbs and fruits and juices each day – cranberry ginger one day, camomile mint the next. 


The Spa boasts both Men’s and Women’s Lounge Wings that are some of the best I’ve seen – serenely appointed and with all the facilities you could want – steam room, dry sauna, private soaking tubs, outdoor private courtyard with fireplace, swiss-style showers (this is a shower with 10 shower heads – an experience not to be missed), cozy robes and lockers for all, and a lounge room with comfy couches and chaise loungers with a TV and fireplace. They’re very private and comfortable, and open from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm – plenty of time for relaxing well into the evening. 

Our recent stay at the Vintage Inn allowed the Boyfriend and I access to the Lounges at the Spa Villagio every day- and boy did we use it! Every night before dinner (after a long day of wine-tasting and sight-seeing – I know, rough), we’d walk over to the spa for a good hour or so of relaxing and spa-ing. I think I only showered in our room once – the swiss-style showers in the Women’s Lounge were just too amazing! Plus the hair products in the Spa were better than the ones I packed. 


Even if you’re not a hotel guest, you can book an appointment at the spa and use the facilities all you want on the day of your appointment. I highly suggest making a day out of it – it always makes the price of a massage or other treatment so much more worth it when you get all those extras. 

Speaking of massages – we decided to do the Couple’s Massage in one of their Spa Suites. They have five of these special suites, all appointed with fireplaces, daybeds, steam showers, wet bars, soaking tubs, outdoor decks, and private terraces. We were greeted with a glass of champagne before our massage – hello relaxation! – and enjoyed an incredible dinner afterwards. 


As part of the Spa Suite experience, the Villagio’s on-site culinary team will serve light refreshments (before or after your treatment) and even a full lunch and dinner menu. The food was delicious – just like eating in one of the fancy restaurants in Yountville – except that you get to eat in your bathrobe and drink wine out on a private terrace by a fireplace after having a relaxing massage! Heaven. The spa therapists we had were extremely skilled – the perfect amount of pressure, and incredible technique. I’m picky about this kind of thing – and let me tell you – they nailed it

I’m aware that this whole thing is a totally indulgent experience – and it’s one I certainly can’t afford to have on a regular basis – but once in a while, for a very special treat, this was – from start to finish – the perfect pampering experience. 

It’s certainly the kind of place to celebrate a very special occasion. Weddings, Honeymoons, Anniversaries, Milestone Birthdays – the Spa Villagio sees it all, and this would be the perfect gift or surprise to give to someone on just such an occasion (hint hint for any male readers that may be out there – major brownie points if you take your gal here!). 

Looking to plan a Spa Bachelorette party? This is the place. I would just love to take all my girlfriends here and indulge in some body treatments and hang-out time in the lounge. There’s even a separate facility for parties such as this so you can laugh and talk amongst yourselves all you want without disturbing other spa guests. You can even make a meal a part of the party too.

Trying to squeeze in some exercise while you’re on a gastronomical tour of the wine region? (Seriously, the food out there is so amazing). Why not stop in for some Pilates? With two studio locations and some very friendly, non-intimidating, gentle-with-your-body instructors, Pilates Napa Valley is the way to go. 


I loved the session I did with Heidi so much that I’m back on a I vow to do Pilates regularly kick (fingers crossed it lasts). The best part? They play hip music while you workout (not dorky standard gym music), and the studio in Yountville is right above the Villagio Spa. You can check them out and see class schedules here. If you end up going out there with a group of girls, you could probably book a special private class just for your group. 


I recommend planning your spa treatments for after the workout, since the massages are so good you’ll feel like a wet noodle afterwards, not in any shape to be exercising! 

Tell me, do you ever treat yourself? How?