Halloween Recipe Roundup: Eerie Eyeballs


Watch out…because from Halloween breakfast ideas to dessert & cocktail recipes, "eerie eyeballs" seem to be popping up everywhere this year! Some are definitely more spooky than others – for example this speared eyeball drink garnish we recently featured in a Pina Ghoulada recipe over at HWTM – and then there are other ideas that are just plain cute, like the fun "Night Eyes" glasses below.

Whatever your personal preference, here are 8 fun "eyeball themed ideas" that run the gammut from cute & creative to perfectly creepy…

1. Eyeball Caprese –This clever recipe from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories gives the classic Italian recipe a perfect-for-Halloween makeover.

2. Green Gruel with Eyeballs – Hard-boiled eggs and black olives make for an unexpected garnish to your usual broccoli soup!

3. Yummy Mummy Meatloaf – Honestly, I think this recipe looks pretty darn cute, especially for a mummy. Get the entire meatloaf recipe at Epicurious.com, or just adapt the egg noodles and black olives to dress up your own favorite recipe.


4. Spooky Side Up –This clever breakfast idea from BHG is the perfect way to wake up your loved ones on October 31st!

5. Night Eyes – All eyes on you… so drink up! Wiggly eyes and red dimensional paint make for a creative place to pour that Halloween punch.

6. Lollipop Eyeballs – Lollipops "disguised" as eyeballs; candy + costume = the perfect Halloween combo!

7. Eyeball Punch – Blueberries frozen in ice cubes make for eerie "eyeball floaters" in this yummy orange punch. Want to serve this to little ones? Just swap out the champagne for ginger ale.

8. Eyeball Punch 2 – Eww! Canned lychee fruit + maraschino cherries makes for one fabulously creepy  garnish for red punch.