Look Ma, No Hands! Two New Music On-the-Go Options

October 13, 2009 | By | Comments (0)

Regular readers will know that I'm fairly obsessed with finding products that let you exercise with your music in your ears but your hands free. (I hate having something gripped in my palm during a workout!) I've already found a few good products, and now I've got two new favorites to share.

The Armpocket (below) is sort of like the luxury SUV of phone/MP3 carriers—with plenty of room for both items as well as keys, cash, a credit card. It's totally adjustable to any size bicep, easy to put on, and doesn't bounce or loosen up even during a long, vigorous workout. You'll never have to muscle your way through a workout without your tunes again!


The Cyfi wireless sports speaker (below) is perfect for bicyclists who want to pedal to a pulse but know that riding with headphones isn't safe. Easily mountable on your handlebars, the palm-sized Cyfi speaker talks to your iPod (you just insert a little device into the MP3 player) and allows the music to be played through this surprisingly powerful speaker—no wires, no cable, nada.

If you're not a biker, it's also a great, lightweight option for camping, picnicking, or using with a jogging stroller. When you're at home, you can also use it as a tiny-but-mighty speaker for your iPod, and it has a small charging stand.